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Knowledge Informatics and Big Data Analytics on Genomics

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Wide range of Genomic Services

Understanding the molecular biology of life...

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Mutation Detection, HLA Sequencing Based Typing

DNA Diagnostic Design and Analysis

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Build the tools you need

It's hard to find off the shelf software for your research that does just what you want. That's why we're here to help you build tools that do exactly what you need!

Analyzing your data:

We work with you to help organize and analyze your data using the latest bioinformatics techniques. We are experienced at building software solutions to handle your big data problems.

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Genomic Services

Scientific Bio-Minds is a leading provider of advanced genomic and bioinformatic services to researchers on biology, healthcare and agrigenomic professionals. Informatics Systems. Genomic Interpretation. Cutting-Edge Research, We deliver the bioinformatics infrastructure and insights you need to accelerate your translational genomics initiatives and build industry-leading clinical NGS testing programs.

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Clinical Genomics

Personalized genomics to predict pharmacogenomic properties and genetic testing of diseases


Genomics in agriculture research to identify SNP, markers, SSRs, and transposans to predict agrigenomic data.

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Animal Genomics

Genomics tool box to identify genes and variants underlying inherited defects, embryonic lethals and breeding values for economically important traits.

Microbial Genomics

Broad-range molecular methods for microbial discovery for targeting clinical and environmental samples with the use of sequencing and Microarray.

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Scientific Bio-Minds is designed the gene panels on microbial diseases such as Hbv, Hcv, Hcv genotyping, Hiv viral load, Hsv, Cmv, Toxoplasmosis, Rubella and Hpv. We also have designed customized diagnostics kits and procedures to identify microbial diseases in a very short period of time.

In-silico Analysis of Inhibitor and Substrate Binding Site of Serrapeptidase from Serratia Marcescens MTCC 8708
Serrapeptidase is a therapeutic enzyme broadly used as an anti-inflammatory drug to treat inflammatory diseases like arthritis, bronchitis, fibrocystic breast disease.

Scientific Bio-Minds is offering Certificate Training Program on Bioinformatics.
Duration: 3 Months
Program Start: 01/April/2017
Registration Last Date: 15/March/2017

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We offere the most advanced platforms & analytical methods to gain the deepest insights from your expression or variant data products.

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