Next generation Gene Identification Technology


Scientific Bio-Minds providing services on Next generation sequence Data Analysis. Our Scientific research team helps its customers with a wide array of sequencing data that would cut down on the time spent on research data processing. Scientific Bio-Minds aims to transform agriculture, medicine and life science research through genomics and functional genomics approaches by reducing the gap between academic research and technology innovation through partnership and alliances. We provide stanard bioinformatics analysis support. Our Ph.D.-level Project Management team is available to consult with you at every step of your project, including free post-delivery support.

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Service Areas

Human Animal Plants Microbes
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Technology Platforms

  • Illumina (HiSeq/NextSeq/MiSeq)
  • Oxford Nanopore Technology
  • Ion Torrent
  • Sanger Sequencer

Genome Resequencing analysis Genome de novo analysis Exome analysis
De novo Transcriptome analysis Metagenome analysis Target Sequencing analysis
Amplicon analysis(16S rRNA) Metatranscriptome analysis Proteome Analysis
Reference based Transcriptome analysis

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