About us

About Scientific Bio-Minds

We aim to make the life of people who do bioinformatics simpler. Our goal is to help our users leverage high-throughput multi-omics data and fast-track drug discovery, precision medicine and bioinformatics research in the post-genomic era.

We collaborate closely with pharmaceutical, consumer goods, biotechnology and healthcare industries to help them get the most of out of their data and maximise the return on investment into data production.

Our main goal is to make the life of people who do bioinformatics simpler

Our strong bioinformatics expertise and deep understanding of our customer’s challenges and objectives enables us to deliver cutting-edge bioinformatics solutions.

Prashantha C.N

Founder & Managing Director

Over 15 years of industrial & Academic experience on genomics, proteomics & drug discovery

Miss Vinutha H.R


Managing & Accessing company financial assistance, IT support & Product Mangement

Dr.Saravanan M.S

Scientific Advisor

Project Lead/ Innovations - Drug Development & Support to Clinical & Pharmacogenomics

Prof. MVC Gowda


Expert in the field of Agrigenomics, plant breeding, genetics and genomics