Clinical & Agrigenomics

Decode your Genome

The team of genome analysis consultants to identify disease from wet lab protocols and NGS data analysis. From DNA extraction to data interpretation, we understand your requirements in diagnostics and have created a technology solution with unprecedented accuracy.

Clinical Genomic Services

  • Whole genome sequencing Analysis
  • Whole transcriptome Analysis
  • Whole Exome-Seq data analysis
  • Resequencing data analysis
  • Pharmacogenomic Approaches
  • Drug Screening based on Pharmacogenomics
  • Gene Panel preparation (Diabetes, Cancer, Neurological & Cardiovascular diseases)
  • Drug Discovery & Development
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Agrigenomics Services

  • QTL Analysis
  • Transcriptome Analysis
  • Exome-Seq data analysis
  • Resequencing data analysis
  • GBS Data Analysis
  • RAD-Seq Data Analysis
  • Copy number variation studies
  • Plant/ Animal Genome wide association studies (GWAS)
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