Drug Discovery

Drug Discovery & Development

Scientific Bio-Minds drug discovery & development team is provising support on phytochemical extraction, characterization and insilico screening to potential lead molecules.

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Phytochemical Extraction & Screening

We identify the medicinal plants, extract the compounds using different solvents and identify the chemicals using analytical techniques.

Lead/Chemi Identification (Chemoinformatics)

Using Different chemical databases to identify chemical structures and screen based on drug-like prediction and formulation.

Molecular Docking & Virtual Screening

We provide training on molecular docking, virtual screening & Molecular Dynamics of phytochemicals, lead compounds.

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Phytochemical Extraction

Identifying various medicinal plants to isolate drug like molecules present in plant parts using analytical methods.

Spectroscopic Analysis

Individually isolated phytochemicals were used to HPLC, LC-MS, GC-MS etc to predict phytocompounds.

Data Analysis

Spectroscopic data is used to statistical data analysis to predict the best active potential molecule.

Disease target identification

Using systems biology to understand the disease condition and select the potential target proteins.

Homology Modelling

Target protein sequences are used for homology modelling minimize energy to predict active molecule.

Structure based drug design

Selection of lead molecules from chemical library based on target structures as potential lead molecule.

Pharmacophore Analysis

The selected lead molecules were used to predict drug-like characters as potential lead molecules.

Molecular Docking

The selected lead molecules were used to study docking against protein-drug, protein-peptide etc...

Molecular simulation

Virtual screening & molecular simulation is performed to screen the best active potential lead molecules.