Metagenomic Services

We combine in-depth consultation and pilot study research to develop optimised project protocols for any microbial community of interes.

Human & Animal Samples

We are classifying beneficial & harmfull microbes with various applications of human & animal are classified.

Agricultural Samples

We are classifying plant pathogens of bacteria, fungus, virus, soil microbial samples are analyzed & classified.

Environmental Samples

Samples from Environmental samples such as pond water, biowaste, industrial pullutants, food microabes are classifies.

Metagenomic Genomic Services

  • De novo assembly (genome, trancriptome, metagenome, metatranscriptome)
  • Detection of SNPs, Indels, Structural Variations & Copy Number Variations
  • Non-redundant gene catagories
  • Quantitative and differential analysis of gene abundance
  • Principal component analysis
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