Microarray Analysis

Predicting Gene Expression on Diseases


Scientific Bio-Minds Genomic Group has vast experience on genomics to predict novel genes and their expression levels. Our group of statisticians and software engineers is designed customized gene chips to identify the diseases and developing customized databases. We are supporting our clients to design customized gene chip preparation, data mining, data analysis, and Interpretation and Report generation.

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Scientific Bio-Minds genomics team has helped many clients to uncover biological insights from their data. We have extensive experience in analyzing genomics data, whether for preclinical research & development or data generated from clinical trials.

  • Preprocess of Image
  • Post Process of Image
  • Image enhancement
  • filtering & deblurring
  • segmentation & morphology
  • feature extraction
  • Graphical Interpretation
  • Data Storage
  • etc...
We offer following customized services in various phases of Microarray Analysis:
  • Database Development
  • Tools Development
  • Applications development
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Please send you microarray image file in standard and specialized Formats Supported like JPEG, TIFF, PNG, HDF, HDF-EOS, FITS, Microsoft Excel, ASCII, and binary files directly to info@scientificbiominds.in.

We offer a wide range of statistical and bioinformatics analyses of microarray data, ranging from basic quality control and differential gene expression analysis to extended pathway and mechanistic studies to the core and research laboratories in academic, government, medical institutions, biotechnology companies, pharmaceutical industries. We are providing various microarray data analysis services on genomic DNA expression, cDNA expression, miRNA expression, image analysis, data collection, data mining and data management services.

Affymetrix data Agilent Data Illumina Data
  • Data Selection
  • Normalization
  • Data filteration
  • Differential Expression
  • Functional Annotation
  • Functional Enrichment
  • Pathway Identification
  • Gene-Gene interaction
  • Gene-drug expression
  • Metabolic pathway prediction
  • Interpretation of genes
  • Report Generation
  • etc...
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You can send the microarray data of different file formates such as .CEL files, .txt, .xls, .BED, .BigWig formates to Analyze the data can upload or directly send to info@scientificbiominds.in.

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