Microbial genomics

Classifying microbes in pathogenic & nonpathogenic


Scietific Biominds metagenomic specialists have designed gene identification from microbial pathogens. The technology and pipeline has robustness, reliability, and portability of molecular sequence-based data for phylogenetic assessments and for characterization of previously unrecognized pathogens, coupled with technology developments, recommend genomic approaches for both research and routine clinical applications

Service Provided: Targeted amplification, sequencing and bioinformatics. If you perform the amplification, we will accept those amplicons for sequencing and/or bioinformatic analysis.

Data Analysis

  • De novo assembly
  • BlastX
  • Gene Prediction
  • 16S rDNA or other housekeeping genes
  • Function assignment to each gene candidate
  • Constructing metabolic pathways
  • Statistical analysis of two or more meta-genomic samples

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