Research in Genomics way towards drug discovery & development

The genomic era is now a reality. In contemplating a vision for the future of genomics research has taken new turn to identify disease towards development of drug. It is appropriate to consider the remarkable path that has brought us here.

Next generation sequencing technology is helps to understanding genes on a deep level may help to unlock many of the mysteries surrounding our environment. In human research mainly targeting identifying diseases, genetic mutations, hereditary functions, genetic transformations, paternity identification etc, but in agricultural research is major source of using genomic research such as crop selection, crop breeding, marker selections to optimize plant features according to agricultural needs.

Scientific Bio-Minds custom research services provide researchers with the unique bioinformatics services such as data collection, data storage, data analysis and interpretation. We are integrated our ‘omic data’ use machine learning, language processing technologies to integrate and query large data sets to come up with solutions, we also set custom designed gene panels of each specific diseases, database development, software development, applications development, custom designed tools based on the client requirements.

We provide a spectrum of services across the globe on Clinical genomic research, agricultural research, animal research and microbial research based on ranging from day-to-day information needs to complex research solutions to assist our clients in fulfilling their strategic needs.

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Research Areas

NGS Data Analysis
Microarray Data Analysis
Drug Design and Development,
Biomarkers Identification
WGS Assembly and Analysis

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Research Support

Data Collection
Data storage
Data Analysis
Data Interpretation
Publication Support

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Whole Genome Analysis
Exome Sequencing,Chip-Seq, Transcriptome-seq, Small-RNA-Seq, & Metagenomic Analysis, Microarray & Drug Discovery

Consulting Projects

Connect with us to explore further on how we could provide information solutions for your specific research goals. For more information on projects and other discussion please call +91-(80)-41550847/ +91 9844158444 For more information please write to us at info[at]scientificbiominds.in. Fill the Application form and forword to our department.


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