Consultancy Services

Scientific Bio-Minds works on key process in research & development on how to implement and optimize data workflows. Our scientific consultants provide onsite consultancy with industry-leading support to achieve success.

Data Analysis

Data analysis projects covering a broad range of scientific areas, including whole genome sequencing, gene expression, clinical, agricultural, animal & microbial genome data, molecular profiling & high content screening of drug compounds.


Our expert team of genome data scientists, bioinformaticians and bioprogrammers will support contract and collaborative research support to drug discovery, genomics, proteomics, agrigenomics, animal & microbial etc...


Scientific Bio-Minds accommodates a variety of learning styles with training available in standard courses, tailored tutorials, on-site training, e-learning, and lunch-and-learn sessions.

Product Development

Development and implementation of advanced software applications and databases can be extensions of Scientific Bio products or entirely novel software solutions..

Data Curation

Our data curation team is supporting the clients to retrieve genomic, proteomic, drug discovery, disease information, clinical, agricultural, animal & microbial information.