I have worked with Scientific Bio-Minds for about a year on two different lead identification projects, involving completely different chemistries. It has been remarkably responsive to our needs on both projects. I personally have very much enjoyed working with the Scientific Bio-Minds scientists.I will refere my research students and clients on future projects to Scientific Bio-Minds.

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We would like to thank Scientific Bio-Minds for providing insilico molecular docking, pharmacophore and pharmacokinetic analysis support. We have published the report to ICMR and other international journals. I am highly recommending the scientific bio-minds team for their drug discovery support of pharmaceutical targets.

"The workshop provided a great introduction into the analysis of NGS data for me as a wet lab biologist. The one day introduction into Linux was an absolute asset. Thanks to the course, I now feel comfortable both to discuss my NGS analysis needs with a bioinformatician more competently, but also to take first steps in NGS analyses myself."

"We had a good experience using the facilities of Microarray data analysis at Scientific Bio-Minds. The use of the R and Bioconductor software helped in understanding differential gene expression profiles that helps to predict gene markers and key signaling pathways. We have used this data in our publication and we look forward to more productive work in the future".